Earth in a rainbow

Flow with the Wave of Love

[written in conscious attunement]

Be swept up in the wave of love.

Allow yourself …

Surrender, it is life’s force and flow, magnified in this time of great change.

Love, the wave of change – for love does not belong to the forms or consciousness of the past, it is always moving towards the future. Full of, and radiant with, hope – given by those infused and totally one with this wave, who hold the knowing and vision of where the love leads, where the wave flows.

Hope comes from that deep sense of knowing within. Align with these great ones, who are one with the wave of love, who know – and you will know, at least in faith, if not also in knowing and wisdom.

Let yourself go with this wave, aligning with the light.

It is so important to discern the light of this loving wave, from the reflected wave in the emotions, supercharged in many ways by the naughty, earth-bound ones who want love to be bound to the past.

Choose wisely from your heart. If in your heart it feels right, sit with that; and if it still feels right, sleep on it; and if it still feels right – surrender to it. This is love in action, the force of evolution.

The emotional love we mostly know, the love that binds us to experiences, people, events, knowledge, even places and buildings – this is not the love that holds and embraces human consciousness on the journey forward. It is a love that can nourish – but not now, when Earth is changing, and life must change too.

The attachments to old ways of being, doing, living can be practical – so do not let everything go unevaluated, but also do not love them and remain attached to them in unhealthy ways. For as this wave of love arrives upon us all, bringing the new world vision, hope, knowing and force for change – it will wrench you from ties that still hold you, which do not serve our collective future on Earth.

Many will not know, so feel the blessings if you can engage consciously with this unfoldment of consciousness, and be aware of the great change.

Celebrate it!

Flow with the wave, let its rose and golden radiance fill you with the sparkling truth of hope.

Around and through the Earth this wave is flowing, even the darkened corners of greed and selfish attachment will be touched – and the attachments and grasp will be loosened.

We pray for that to be sooner not later. Every rigidity formed by these bonds disrupts the wave, but will not stop it. But we hope for a smooth flow, and all who have consciousness to realise this unfoldment can help, by choosing to go with the flow.

Open to love, the love that awakens, the love that un-binds, the love that awakens new visions and enthusiasm for the future, that sparkles with hope within you, that leads you towards the future you know and yearn for deep in your heart.

Go to your heart and allow the light to shine and awaken. Allow the hope to shine and lift you, so you can let go and be one of the shining lights in our new world, unhindered by the binds to any unforgiven past and feared loss. Nothing is lost in the evolution of love, just loved more, to become greater in light – and love. Nothing is held to punish like the unforgiven choices of the past; in love, they are lessons learned and finished.

This is the school of Earth; in the wave of love such untold revelations are to come, for all to be lifted, or to leave.


In love.

Unbind yourself and find yourself in your heart, your Self of love and hope, and ride the wave of change with freedom and graciousness.

Mothers of Earth, Angels of Hope, Masters of Peace, all come with loving embrace for all, with uplifting nourishment for nature and all life.

Feel and be in this love, and the world will shine and become new, the old washed clean with care.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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