radiant heart

Love and Change the World

[written in conscious attunement]

When you activate your heart, you are adding to the heart radiance of Earth.

When you see the Earth with love in your eyes, you create love in her being.

When you act with graciousness and care, you magnify the light around you – and in the Earth.

We all hold a little of the Earth in our beingness and consciousness, from our most dense physical to our highest body of spirit, because we are of the Earth.

We need to rekindle this knowing: we are not separated beings, we are Earth beings. Even the beings on the inner only, the many angels and helpers, they are part of Earth.

We are the living milieu of consciousness, and the vehicle through which cosmic love shall reach Earth’s heart. She can align with this love, she can seek it; but for it to reach deep into her being, to effect the massive change of consciousness underway in her (and our) being, we, humanity, and angels – beings of all sorts that live in this beautiful sphere – we must also align with, call for and carry in our beings this beautiful radiance we know as love.

We are not separate. Loving hearts create loving hearts. This we must hold in our beings and consciousness, for love to manifest, and cosmic will to unfold.

Will alone is not enough for these changes; this global change is of will and love. Love that is an evolutionary force is will of cosmos in action.

The will for change within us, for disruption of the old unhealthy ways, this cannot act without love to infuse the intention and to co-create the outcome.

Increasingly we shall see upon Earth the collapse of brutal powers built on will alone (usually bolstered by selfishness and greed); as will alone in the coming times will have no power to effect change. It simply won’t cut through.

Love-will is needed, because the matter of Earth has been, and is changing, and holds much more love – and cannot respond to will without love.

Like pushing water with a sieve …

Earth’s substance is now a finer vibration and rapidly becoming that finer vibration in every sphere – so the forces used to manipulate her matter must change too.

The blunt forces driven by money, power and selfish greed shall crumble and fail.

Make sure they are not resurrected – for our Earth’s and our own combined future cannot hold this darkness of materialism, where the focus is material only, not life; where the alignment goes no further than personal wants (not even needs); where the heart is not in it anywhere. That includes the false heart – the pretence of the powerful to care by marketing not reality.

So many glamours and illusions are manifest – but they too, cannot survive in a world of finer vibration.

This is why even more so, that you need to care, and become aligned with your heart, with Earth heart, and shine, radiate your love into your little piece of our beautiful world. Make it hum! Make it light – and we can change the world.

It matters so much that we, people who care, hold our collective future in our choices.

Do not look back. Do not give in. Become your loving heart and shine into your world, and see how it changes your life and those around you.

Only good can come of alignment with heart, for it is the presence of soul and spirit within us, and that is who we truly are, full of purpose, knowing, and care. That is where the bigger picture can be shared, where never-yielding hope burns brightly.

All there in heart, and as you become more heart – see it all around you.

It takes effort, but how can you choose otherwise? Heart is calling – the great heart enfolding Earth, the hearts of your inner teachers, the heart of your own soul, the heart in your consciousness.

Heart is calling!

You can hear it, feel it – so become it. It shall not be easier than now, when the giant forces of materialism have had their grip curtailed.

Take the step, and be the light you feel.

There is choice – because there is always a choice else you have no heart! Heart unfolds with consciousness, becoming a conscious being means evolving heart – and you cannot become conscious without choice, so heart exists in choice.

Heart shines the light of soul into your personal self, so there will always be choice until you become soul. So, choose heart and consciousness, and shine and radiate heart in our beautiful world.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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