Consciousness – Doorway and Edge

[written in conscious attunement]

Consciousness … is what?

A mix. A mix of identity and certainty, at the edge of the unknown. The known and the unknown, yet within the self, that sense that the unknown is familiar … somehow seen, known, felt, understood before.

This is because consciousness is the bridge between worlds, and as you open the door to more and more consciousness, that which is encompassed and known by your soul, from its world of experiences and learning, is opened to you. Unknown by mind and feelings, yet known in your heart, when you listen.

The trick with consciousness is that it is always about the edge, and how you discern and discriminate what that edge reveals. Mental illness is an edge, great revelation is an edge, how does your consciousness respond? In the awakening hours (cosmically speaking) of Earth’s consciousness, her awareness takes all her life forms of consciousness with her to her edge. Many turn back in denial, for at this edge you see the Great Change, which shall disrupt the global power structures and the personal power forces that many are used to, either in implementation, or in subjugation. This is a mental illness – a forced denial of reality, even when seen. (Nothing to do with trauma-inflicted mental illness that also harms so many.)

Conscious change brings you to an edge, great or small, for consciousness is what you hold and encompass in your being.   Thus, to grow consciousness, you must witness, gain insight into and eventually encompass in your understanding that which is currently beyond you.

You are not expected to grow more than you can encompass in balance, but then you still have to work on those things that bring balance.

The greatest impediment to increasing consciousness is auric rigidity, for example, fixed patterns of mind and feeling that you don’t adjust. As the global conscious change proceeds, because Earth is upon that journey, if you are unwilling to explore your own patterns then they will be the edges you see, yet they are not the true edge of consciousness, because they are within your personal sphere of consciousness and do not show you what is beyond.

This is one of the first major trials of the aspiring citizen of heart: to awaken to and soften the personal edges, so you can go to the real edge, and see beyond your small world of existence.

Under the pressure of global change, this is where great tensions lie. Personally, racially, via nation or beliefs – many resist the need to move with conscious change, but instead build with personal force (invariably anger, hatred and/or disgust) and reinforce the walls of personal experience and desires to hold out the new, strengthen the old. But nothing in our world can ultimately be sustained by personal force alone, when unaligned with the evolutionary flow.

But change takes choice, and choice to go to the edge of consciousness does not come easily for many. Karma opens the doors, then the choices are there.

Do not close those doors, dear citizens of Earth; do not close to the awakening of heart that is the edge of conscious growth there for all to feel, see, experience and step beyond into the world of the new consciousness – the world of heart consciousness to be.

Take gentle yet intentful steps, build awareness through whatever tools you have access to. Gently loosen your personal edges, with the tools you can find.

Just do not leave this door to new consciousness ajar without stepping forth!

Explore, open, soften, strengthen that which is open and all-encompassing within you. That would be love – the all-encompassing force and ocean of comfort, softness, truth and light.

Sit in love, of self, of your journey, of Earth, of Earth’s journey, and gently, gently flow through the doors of conscious change, and you will find yourself in a wondrous world of colour, beauty and hope, infusing all in your physical and personal world.

Try it, the doors of consciousness are opening for all, and great love awaits.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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