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Love, the Great Transformer

[written in conscious attunement]

When I say love is the answer to a fluid and flowing auric self (i.e., your energy self in your personal sphere), I mean the love that is of soul. This can manifest through personal love, through Earth care and service; or it may be purely and simply what it is: the enfolding embrace of the love that is life, in all its highest aspirations and expressions, as a wave of utmost presence that enfolds, uplifts, completes, heals, nourishes, fulfils, the presence of God, of soul, of spirit of Logos – the name is not relevant. It is the feeling you seek, in order to walk through that karma-opened door and step onto the glorious pathway of the heart.

Your soul is your conduit of all grace from these higher heavenly, godly, spiritual worlds, where truth shines like love, where the future glows with the fullness of love, where the present is illuminated to show the pathway of love.

Your soul touches this ocean of is-ness and possibility, and brings it to you, young soul or old and experienced alike. Every soul is of this ocean of love, it can therefore not be anything but that love to you.

The second death some speak of, when evil doings in the personal world become so enmeshed in the permanent atoms of human mental, emotional and physical self that the soul cannot recharge the heart with light – not only is this extremely rare,  but it is soon no longer possible in the coming age. You see, it is not the soul that is changed in this circumstance; it is its vibrational relationship to its human self that is erased and reinstated, because it is the conduit from soul to human that is broken, corrupted if you will. The human self has learned to recognise this thread of connection, but has chosen to close off to that input of light so many times and through so many layers of personal self, that there is not even a back door for the soul to share the vibration of love into the personal human self. So the connection must be broken, so the patterns of resistance can no longer prevent soul contact, and although this means the soul must work to re-establish connection again, there is now opportunity for the human self to once again say yes and walk the path of light.

Most people on Earth are not evil, but many can do darkened deeds through pressure, ignorance or past unredeemed patterns. There are many causes, none of which are justifications, but as the Great Change proceeds, and karma is thus speeding up (to hurry up the human consciousness in the learning to make this transition), pressure mounts. This pressure goes to two points in consciousness:  the weakest, where the pressure cannot be held; and the most rigid, where the flexibility to cope with the pressure is not there.

It is the rigidity we focus on most, for that is the most dangerous in the human condition. For when the consciousness has rigidity in form of mind and emotions, often built up over centuries if not millennia of patterns repeated over lifetimes, the change is most threatening. Under threat, the human self goes one of two ways: either it recognises the light behind the pressure and realises it needs to change, or it chooses not to recognise this force and thus puts more and more force and substance of consciousness into building its forms into stronger and stronger fortresses of the past.

Herein lies the danger, for when these forms break ,which they must do in this Great Change, to allow consciousness of heart to freely flow in humanity and the world, the person has a greater challenge to repair and rebuild. This is why I explain at length about the second death. This is not the second death, but for the human self it may feel like it. Such is the rapidity of change now that even those forms of consciousness that have not seemed rigid in times past, such as the forms of religious belief, earthly service, human care, where love has been found and shared in free-flowing ways – even these are affected and must evolve to enable the new vitality of love to flow. A love mostly unknown.

So, when such revision is needed in the conscious frameworks, what do you hang on to? The form is not the answer. It is the feeling, the recognition deep in your bones, of the truth that lies in the love that is now:the love of the highest, most gracious consciousness, streaming forth. Your soul can feel and respond to this, therefore so can you. But it may take tremendous effort to reawaken your deepest inner sensibility and truth to recognise this love, when the forms in your consciousness wish to direct you down the corridors of familiarity into the rooms of security built of the old ways.

The Great Change is upon us all, young soul and old, and the journey of change impacts us all. The more consciously you can engage, the easier your journey, the more blessings you open to – the more love shall uplift and nourish you.

When you feel all is crumbling – this you can hold on to: love. The love you recognise in your heart. The love that is your heart, for that is your soul’s voice, the voice of God, of spirit, of angels, of hope – the universal voice of that which nourishes, loves and sustains all life.

For that is the Great Change – the unfoldment of love. Love on another level – for that is what consciousness is.

Did we not say already that consciousness is what builds bridges, is the substance of relationship? This is love! That which makes the seeking heart yearn for connection to another, whether human or spiritual in flow; the force that drives the seeking human to the path of transformation, even if through pain, so to find and become that love.

Love is. It is the ocean of existence, the flow of livingness, the binding grace of Cosmos through all ethers of life force, into the densest vibration here on little Earth.

Love is all there is. That is your pathway of conscious change, that is your journey of healing presence, that is your anchor in times of turmoil, your vision and light of hope in the chaos of fracturing forms of the past. Whether your own, or that of human society and all its unkempt forms of convenience, not hope; physicality, not balanced with life; self, not Earth in care; ignorance not opened in the full light of truth.

Such is human life, the greatest builder of physical consciousness there is, for such is the dharma of little Earth: to awaken Godly, Cosmically felt love within her beating heart and that of all her creatures of life force.

Humanity, your task is so holy and splendid. Hold on through this time of transition. Hold on to love. Hold on to that which you know deep in your heart, for you are that in heart, the voice and embrace of your soul. Hold on and shine in every way you can, and soon the light shall be mirrored around our beautiful world, shining through every heart, in a kaleidoscope of grace that shall heal all.

Thus, the Great Change. Thus I come to teach, the world, the sound, the vibration, the inner knowing – of Love.

I am that, Kumara of Christed Light, Mother of Buddha Heart, presence of Earth herself, as her soul, in alignment with Cosmos. I, here, stand as soul of Earth imbued with soul love of Cosmos, the greatest love there is.

Here I stand, to teach and bestow.

Feel me, feel your soul and you feel heart, and shall be saved from greater pain on this road.

I come, I am here. I love.

Be in heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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