Love Earth

Love the Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

When you love the Earth, you establish a relationship with her, just as you do when you love other people. When you love, you send out that vibration to whomever you love, and the one receiving that vibration will always perceive it and respond. That is because all life on this planet is born out of the loving impulse of Earth and Cosmos, guiding evolutionary intent in our world, and so every life form holds the memory of this vibration, and needs no training, development or knowledge to respond, thus establishing a loving contact that nourishes both.

In human-to-human love, we know that love and relationships are complicated and not this straightforward. But that is not because the ability to send, receive and respond with love is not there in every human. Rather it is because of our layers of learned behaviour, reactions, fears, hopes, expectations; in other words, all the patterns we have built in to our human selves from life after life, that condition how we perceive and how we respond.

But Earth does not hold these patterns with us as individuals, and for the most part we do not have them with her, so, with intent applied, we can love, and be loved by our beautiful Mother Earth.

Sometimes there is karma involved that may affect this relationship, for those who have taken actions in the past that have been harmful, either to Earth herself (including nature and her creatures), or to people in particular locations, where the karma is aggregated in that location, and thus affects Earth. For example, mining operations that leave toxic waste behind them, with no care for cleaning up and rehabilitating what has been destroyed. Or places like the concentration camps of WWII. Those who carry responsibility for these choices and actions will carry the burden of karma that impacts their relationship with Earth. It does not matter if they seek to hide behind a corporate structure where no one seems to be responsible, or a political machine structured to do the same. The responsibility of every soul to care is never diminished, and so when that care is not enacted in life, the imprint returns to the soul, and karma is applied accordingly. No organisational or physical structure can shield you from the karma that is yours to learn from, and that guides you to rebalance past actions of harm.

This applies for all actions, of course, but here we are talking about our ability to relate to the Earth and that which may hinder, for those few of humanity who have caused harm to Earth in this life or past. Note that this does not affect Earth’s wish or ability to love you, for you are born of her substance and walk her journey, and her love is all encompassing.

If you find it hard to love Earth, it is within you that you must seek understanding. Do not instantly attribute to yourself heinous deeds of the past, because most – 99% – of humans do not carry responsibility for these. At most, you may have witnessed, or had a minor role; or simply be picking up on the collective guilt and grief that does exist within Earth’s and humanity’s combined milieu of conscience and consciousness.

you need the vibration of Earth’s love to resonate in you so that you can evolve

If you feel these pressures, work on them. And the best way is to find yourself a place where you can touch Earth: a garden, a beautiful tree, a forest, waterfall, a flower, etc. It can be anything of Earth, and as soon as you view it, touch it with hope and love, you will open that conscious stream that joins your heart with hers.

Why seek this, perhaps some of you say?

For two reasons:  you need the vibration of Earth’s love to resonate in you so that you can evolve, and you need to clear any constrictions that hinder your relationship with her, so you can consciously contribute to the incarnation of heart consciousness within her being. This is the evolutionary task of every human, whether undertaken through personal conscious effort, or guided by the flow of mass intention to do the same. If you do not feel love for Earth, and have no wish to explore and heal that restriction in your conscious journey, then perhaps Earth is not the home for you in the next phase of your, and her, evolutionary journey.

In the not-so-distant future, this choice becomes manifest for everyone, whether at soul level, or at personality and soul level, depending upon the degree of consciousness awakened in the human self. The choice must be made, because Earth has already chosen, as we have spoken of so many times before. Your whole opportunity to incarnate here is because of her choice, to become a beacon of physically-expressed heart consciousness in Cosmos.

So, you incarnate as a human, made possible by having a physical heart that keeps you alive physically, in the substance of Earth; and spiritually, through your soul’s vibration radiating into your human self. Life is only possible because there is heart on all these levels.

you must engage, with love, in relationship with Earth so that your heart can continue to be a life-force in your being

Therefore, you must engage, with love, in relationship with Earth so that your heart can continue to be a life-force in your being.

Earth gives us all the substance we need to incarnate, and our souls dwell in her Ocean of Love and give us all the love we need. Turning away from this is to turn away from that which gives life.

Humanity is the only family of consciousness that has this choice, for we walk the pathway of evolution that will unite us as humans with our souls. Other families of consciousness upon Earth have different roles and responsibilities. Plants, for example, are an expression of both Earth’s living, loving intent to create life and beauty; and are a key expression through which the angelic family brings its love, which is essential for Earth, and for us and all life, as we have touched upon before. But plants and angels do not have the possibility to say no. They evolve in consciousness through immersion in the loving milieu in which they exist, and can become great and wise beings (more than many humans).

Humans evolve through contrast and thus choice. That is our role, for that also enables another level of consciousness to be developed, which in turn creates a flow of strength and determination in the application of love’s expression. This is not about human evolution alone, far from it. This determination and expression of love, with will, is needed throughout Cosmos, and is the expression of loving light that Earth has committed to become.

Many animals have an evolved consciousness, but they, like the plant family, do not hold the responsibility for direct and conscious choice that incarnates love-will.

So, there it is humanity. You need to learn, relearn, heal, clear, energise your loving relationship with Earth, for that is essential in your, her, and our collective journey of evolution that nourishes every life form here in this world.

This is love in action, which will speed up your own evolutionary journey. For there is nothing upon this Earth like love, for cleansing relationships and releasing karma.

Love heals all:  the love of souls not emotions alone; the love of commitment to and responsibility for the conscious evolving of self and the world in which we live.

Then you live in the brilliance of Earth’s nourishing, living light, which is the love resonant with everything living, from Cosmic heart, to Solar heart, to Earth heart, to your heart.

In gentleness and without glamours or expectations – love. Love Earth, and let yourself feel her love, and you will never look back.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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