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Discerning Truth

[written in conscious attunement]

Whatever higher source you believe in for light, hope, meaning, guidance, truth, it still has to reach you, here in this physical world. Even intuition, that some perceive as being directly from a higher source, must still resonate in the conscious realms of your being in order for you to grasp it in your human self. Do not be deluded by those who claim to be in direct contact with certain spirits or higher beings of any sort, because that connection can still be made only through their consciousness, and can only enter our human world through their human beingness.

This is not to say that many people are not capable of perceiving and sharing much that is divine and truthful, and of light, hope and love. Of course there are, and have been many throughout history, or else humanity’s and Earth’s evolution would have progressed so much more slowly.

anything that is true in the worlds of light and divinity … has to resonate with truth in the world of human beingness

The point being made here is that for anything that is true in the worlds of light and divinity, it has to resonate with truth in the world of human beingness, our physical, emotional and mental selves. This is the vehicle we have to work with and through, as souls, and no matter how wise and connected that soul is, what matters is how receptive is the human self.

Through this, the journey of consciousness begins:  as we get glimpses of reason and meaning behind life’s challenges, or healing for great ills, or direction for life’s journey, we search for more contact with that source. Being human, we like to build certainty into the uncertainty, and seek to codify how that higher perception can be attained. For example, specific practices and rituals that must be performed, or certain types of training given to chosen individuals who then become the givers of what is provided by higher perception. This gives opportunity for development to those involved or chosen, but recognise it also solidifies the ways and means by which the higher light is accessed, which can only work for as long as the conscious milieu stays the same. But of course, it does not stay the same!

In current times, many people find they have spiritual realisations, intuitive touches, or callings from within that they feel to act upon; and do not need those solid structures created over millennia to house our access to the divine. But then where does their training and development come from to facilitate development and discernment of their intuitive perception? It rarely comes from the old structures in these rapidly evolving days, although a more developed soul may use such well-trodden pathways to re-develop their intuitive and divine-connecting capacities.  For the majority of those receiving intuitive stimuli, there is much need for development of one key factor:  discernment.

Everything that comes into your consciousness must be evaluated … is it true, is it kind, is it necessary, is it the right time?

Everything that comes into your consciousness from a place you do not know, must be evaluated. The simplest test has been enunciated for millennia:  is it true, is it kind, is it necessary, is it the right time? If you step back from what can sometimes be a rush of inspiration when intuition nudges you, and sit with your intuitive perception to see if it passes through these four gates, that is a good start.

Sometimes we connect with others who seem well connected on the inner, who bring beautiful words, or perhaps truths we are seeking. But you must still ask the same questions!

There is no human being upon this Earth that can avoid bringing their higher inspiration and truth through their human self, and, as we know, our human selves carry so much programming and so many patterns – some of light, some of history as yet unredeemed – that inevitably we colour our words and expressions with that fabric of our being. Unavoidable! It is not to say this prevents light and truth getting through, it means that you need to discern so that you are sure.

Today there are so many who seek to express their perceptions, claiming they are from a higher source, yet they come with impure motives. Attractive motives in some cases, like those who focus on wealth creation, or racial or religious strength. Some are more controversial to many, such as those motivating people to align with conspiracy theories, to belief structures that go beyond strengthening racial or religious alignments to create radical divides from others of humanity.

The truth is that inspired actions, beliefs and organisations are usually initiated by a touch of light, whether a vision or realisation, and there remain truths in some of their expressions. But you must discern, and not just believe.

The world today has also many people developed enough to build emotional and mental structures, and then seek to align people with their ways. You do not need to look far in the current business or political worlds to see people doing this, and in extreme ways in some nations. These people are rarely inspired by light, truth or reality, but are building upon their perception of the history of their nation; or structuring their efforts based on societal forgiveness and delusions in many political and corporate endeavours.

Forgiveness, because we, humanity as a whole, have attached ourselves to the vehicle of money and wealth as the great saviour of the challenges of human life: we accept the behaviours of those who profess to be aiding others while they amass excessive wealth. The same paradigm applies to political leaders, who promulgate a state or national vision to replicate the history they want to live in, and ask people to suffer for the greater good. Whose greater good?

This is the journey of consciousness, and we are in this journey together. But, we must all make individual choices based on discernment in our own hearts. Even if we feel powerless in the world of political or corporate affairs – although never underestimate what individuals can do – we are not powerless in the human world of consciousness.

every path of light into our personal consciousness has to come through our own human self

Yet, every path of light into our personal consciousness has to come through our own human self, and all our emotional and mental substance with all its pre-programming and life-learned patterns. But, where do we obtain that substance of mind and feeling? That comes from the Earth. Our physical bodies are built of her molecules and atoms; so too are our bodies of mind and feeling built out of the global milieu of these vibrationary levels of substance.

Every time you apply discernment and choose from heart to the best of your abilities, you are qualifying the vibrations of mind and feelings, not only in yourself, but having a ripple effect throughout this global milieu. If you then consciously direct your love and care into these inner worlds, you have even more influence on how much light and truth resonates there. Every time you act thus, you help build that which truly holds the real light in mind and feelings, and you disaggregate those vibrational illusions and glamours that some leaders use to oppress, repress and distort the truth of our evolving world.

So, choose wisely, trust your heart, and bring more light into that which nourishes us all as human beings in our efforts to create and sustain a world of equanimity and peace for all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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