Discerning Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

How do you create heart consciousness in your daily life? There isn’t a system, because it is personal. Conscious change is personal in this time, meaning that you need to choose your change, and not roll along with the push and pull of what is around you. What is offered through the teachings of the heart are options and insight to inform your choice.

To make a choice, you must want what is offered, more than the alternatives. That is not easy in the swamp of old emotional matter being regurgitated all around the world through racial, national, religious intolerances, that are built on those ancient conflicts of perception and power.

It is easy if you lift your eyes to the horizon of life as it is now, and see where you will be going if you stay on the path mapped out by the structures of old ways. Those ways do not help or heal the world we live in, or you.

Instead, lift your gaze with wonder and openness, and see the new world. Imagine. Look for the world of peacefulness and equanimity; of food and water justice, land and ocean care, human and animal balance.

The substance of this future is here with you, with all, who seek. When you long for this world, you help it come to be. All those who long for the past don’t enable or empower the future, but slow it down with their attachments. What they long for is continually breaking – because it cannot live in the new world.

Your first choice is to lift your gaze from the mundane and pre-programmed attitudes that life has given you, and listen instead to the yearning of your heart.

People often mistake the yearning, the driving need for change, to be the desire to return to the past with its familiar patterns and dogma. But look around the world, and see how this is not working. The more the old is propped up, the more it is challenged, the more it is breaking from within; the more it is shown to be so inadequate for the times we are in.

No one likes such momentous change – but these are the times we are in, so get used to it! And find your best way forward.

Do not choose the old ways that support an out-dated vision. Find a new vision. You already have it within, because every soul on this Earth has been educated about this change. Everyone has an inkling, or feels the pressure of change one way or another within themselves via their internal reckoning, and/or from their lives and the world around them.

This is the experience of the times we are living in!

The blueprint has been released to all souls. Now it is for that connection of soul to heart to be strengthened, so that the inner knowing can become a comfort in these times, and a guide:

The small voice within.
The nudge of conscience.
The awakening yearnings.
The hope for something new.
The need for change.


If guided by, and infused with, your soul, your inner self will sit in peace and harmony with what you feel, sense, perceive – and even if there is outer turmoil, you have that glimmer (or a blazing light) inside to nourish you.

To distinguish needs and yearnings of the heart from those of the emotions, there are some basic filters:

  1. Does it leave you feeling peaceful? If not, be wary, for emotional turbulence should never drive a choice of heart.
  2. Does it lift your spirits with hope? The deep personal hope you feel within, not the hope for a sunny day or a raise in salary, this is the deep moving hope that stirs and awakens your whole being, yet leaving you filled with stillness.

These factors are simple tests you can apply to help discern your heart yearnings from your emotional drivers. Apply them and you will learn quickly how to know and respond to the soul of love within you.

There is one other filter to apply to everything in life: is it harmless?

Even an action taken to combat defended ignorance (whether personal or institutional), or the choices and actions of greed, selfishness or self-righteousness propped up by past dogma, must be harmless. While these may raise the hackles of those moved by a different vision, actions from the heart never cause harm. Ever! You may not be perfect in this application, no one is really. But you must strive, and continue to learn how to be harmless, yet strong. Being harmless does not mean yielding. It does not mean forgoing the values and principles of the choices you yearn for in your heart. Rather, it defines how you express that yearning, in words, actions, thoughts. This is the challenge in a world of blurted outbursts, unmitigated by any sense of responsibility.  But these outbursts will pass.

The shared and individual responsibilities we all have to awakening and guarding the vision of heart, and to manifesting that vision through our own personal choices, is paramount.

Every soul here on Earth has made its choice, and the time for personal alignment with that choice is now. Now, from a soul perspective, means in this life. For some it may mean in the next one or two lives, but no more.

The change must come, and if the personal self refuses to relinquish the ways of old that cause harm, then the soul will withdraw to another sphere, possibly to another world, there to continue learning and developing that sacred bridge of consciousness between heart and soul.

So, listen to your deep inner voice, your yearnings. Find your way of achieving the stillness needed in your being, so that you can hear and feel this deep knowing. It is there for everyone!

As the clamour and noise of the outer world increases in this time of dramatic challenge and change, do yours, in that still point of poise. Spending even a few moments there will nourish your day. Spending longer there will nourish your life with the choices of the heart that guide and deepen the beauty of the world of heart to unfold.

Do yours, and we all become activators of the hope and peace that nourishes others, and the world.

Choose wisely; you have deep heart nourishment filling you from your soul so that you too can shine and find succour through hardship and constraints.

Nothing will stop your awakening heart. Our choices help in every way, inner or outer – let your heart and deep knowing help you find your way.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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