The Law as Will, Love & Hope in Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In the Law is Divine Will. The Will that gives you purpose. The Will that drags you out of the morass of darkness we all succumb to in the valleys of our journey. The Will that brooks no fear or distractions, when we tap into that singular, one-pointed vision that lifts our spirits, our gaze of truth, to truly know our path ahead, and step forward without hesitation.

The Law is Divine Will because the Law defines how you become your greatest self, your self-conscious and heart conscious presence here upon and within Earth. This is the path and your journey of evolution; the path, defined by the edges, beyond which the Law does not provide guidance; defined by the illuminating presence of what is true, that shines upon your way; defined by that determination within your own heart, inextricably interwoven with that which is beyond your own sense of self, and yet is of who you are. The determination that is the fire of spirit within you, the spark of living force itself, the fire within your heart that you become when the will within you aligns with your path.

Then the Law is also love. For love holds and embraces, nurtures and heals, nourishes and supports, gives succour and hope.

Love can only exist in relationship, for it is of the giver and the receiver. Unlike will, which is internally driven, albeit with the presence of the divine, expressed through your own soul and spirit. With love, you can feel love from your own soul, but the love that exists as an expression of the Law – that is the love of one upon the path, to another upon the path. For love binds us, in loving flow from one to another, so that we become the substance of the path itself by the very presence of our beings, in consciousness and in relationship to those ahead and behind us.

In love, we become the path, for every step we take is in the footsteps of another, no matter how diverse our outer life experiences and journeys may be. Love is in the footsteps on the way of the heart, which make the way easier to find every time a new footprint is added. It is added because we are inextricably drawn forth by that loving bind we have, and we are, with each other upon the way.

This is the Law because the Law defines the relationships of evolution; for the Law exists as the framework, the structure, within which unfoldment of consciousness proceeds. Like the minerals in a solution left to dry that will form a crystalline structure particular to what mineral they are. So shall we! We are the elements in the great milieu of loving, unfolding consciousness, and as we emerge from the great dissolution of life’s ocean into the concentrated evolution on life’s pathway, we are naturally bound (lovingly so) to others nearby upon our way. But all happens according to the vibrational and structural framework imbued in the very substance of our beings; that is the Law, expressed and felt as love!

Then we have the Law that lives as hope. The Law that enables you to see what lies ahead, even if you are not there yet, that enables enough vision of the destination in this moment on your journey to shape your next steps. For in the substance of our evolving milieu, how is it you shall know the value of applying your will to step forward, or of caring for others on your way, and letting care and love nurture you? How do these things sing true in your heart, ring true in your conscience, awaken that sense within that drives you forward?

The milieu of our lives is filled with the substance of the future – unformed as yet, for that is what consciousness does. And yet meaningful enough in presence to hold, in light, the glimpse of what is to be upon full manifestation of that framework of life, created by the incarnation of the Law in the world of consciousness and life within which we exist.

The promise of what is to be, of what we shall be, of what our world shall be is ever the guiding hope of the human consciousness.

We know it within, else how would we even begin to seek any other possibilities than the challenge or limitation or dullness that a life without spirit’s graceful touch can feel like?

So, here is the Law in presence within and around your being, within the milieu of life’s substance of consciousness and matter; within your very own heart as the flames of will, love and hope, which are there to be awakened at any moment you so choose, or so need.

You cannot be alive without these flames burning deep within you, for they are the anchor of your soul, and the vehicle through which your soul touches you, here, in your personal self: the vehicle through which your soul lives in you, and thus through which you exist as a loving, living human presence.

This, then, is the Law in embodiment and in truth. Everyone can and must learn to touch these wellsprings of divinity to nurture their ability to journey forth.

Take guidance from your religion, spirituality, ethics, values, as much as you seek – but always live in alignment with how that great Law of evolution and life expresses as conscious will, love and hope within your own being and heart. For here is where you know undeniably what takes you further upon your path, where you touch that love that holds you and others in care, where you see with loving, purposeful eyes where your heart’s destiny shines.

See, feel and do from your deep heart truths, and the Law shall be your succour and guide to the promised peace of the conscious heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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