In Your Heart You Live by the Law

[written in conscious attunement]

In your heart, you naturally live by the divine Law, for that is your primary source of discernment of those things that guide and direct your steps upon your path.

Your path can only be a path if it has definition: edges, texture, direction, illumination, and the sense of right-ness about its value to you. All these are discerned in your heart. All these are created by the Law.

The Law of the Universe is of ultimate love:  the love that creates and evolves life, the love that nurtures and nourishes, comforts and guides.

The Law is that which gives you the framework upon which to discern. Imagine yourself standing in the darkness of the night sky. How shall you discern the direction to go in if there is no sunlight rising on the horizon? How shall you even feel to go anywhere unless that guiding hand of the Law of Evolution is not upon your heart, saying to go forth? How shall you know to head towards the rising light unless you somehow already know that the light is your succour and destiny? These are all built into the very milieu of our existence, and thus into the very substance of our beings; for we are made of the matter of Earth and Cosmos, and that which has come into being within the guiding frameworks of the Law.

But life on Earth, as a journey of evolving consciousness, is a journey to discover the Law in consciousness; for to be conscious is to have choice. The un-conscious human, or those other species of life for whom individuated conscious choice is not their journey, do not need to know, and so do not need to choose. They exist within the milieu of Earth’s nourishment, physically and spiritually, and evolve en masse accordingly.

But, humans of consciousness, you must choose!

For every evolving life form must have a certain amount of consciousness involved in the evolution, to invoke heart. Earth has evolved on her path to awaken heart. Now humans within her embrace must choose this too, for that consciousness to become a reality and a lived experience not only for Earth and the conscious ones, but also all for those whose path is not to be consciously involved directly.

You see, consciousness is the creator of, and the product of, the interaction of spirit in matter (upon our planet at least). To incarnate heart, that is what must be achieved; for heart is the place where spirit and matter mingle.

Every time you choose to discern with your heart, you are aligning with and in the great flow and incarnation of spirit here within and upon Earth, and the flow and presence increases accordingly.

Your ability to know in your heart comes back to the Law. For otherwise you stand beneath the greatness of the night, with nothing to guide you.

Your heart is the source of your sunrise upon the darkened horizon. Your heart is the illumination that shines upon your path ahead. Your heart is what nudges you to realise you have to pay attention, and seek. Your heart is your very own law-giver:  the one in your consciousness that lives in the Law, and so can guide you.

When you listen and follow, you stay upon your path. When you stay upon your path, you avoid the depth and breadth of karmic lessons required to bring you back to this place, should you wander off. This hastens your journey, and now this is needed, for Earth has made her choice, and heart is here in the ethers!

No longer can the human personality wander for interest, for rebellion, for rejection of light, or out of laziness in a perceived lack of urgency.

You can learn everything you need upon your path, for everything is there. No need to wander – except when the personality thinks otherwise. But does your heart choose this? No! And now, you must not either, for time has gone for the depth and breadth of exploration. All that can be explored either has already been explored, or will be, by the myriad and multitude of pathways walked by every soul; for we never take the same path. Now we gain the breadth and depth of life’s wonders and experience by sharing heart to heart upon our journey. Soul to soul we become imbued with life’s riches, without feeling like we need digress from our own path.

Times are different now. These are our lighted pathways, to align with the Law perceived within our own hearts. Then we are true to the journey that is ours to take, filled with the loving nourishment that gives, and able to share that with others – so they also feel filled with that which is true, and able to walk and stay upon their own path.

The path of loving light, with the grace of the Laws that are that life and love, are found in your heart like a radiant beacon of values and illumination to guide you upon your journey.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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