Hope is of the Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

My arms embrace you to lift your gaze. For is that not hope? When love brings your eyes from the next step, to the faraway horizon; and then, with love, expands your consciousness so that the horizon encompasses you, and the vision becomes (even if just for a moment) the felt and present reality.

This is hope, and I give it to you, as do your souls, and your teachers, Masters, confidants and friends on the inner.

In the Law, hope is defined. For in the Law, the landscape is defined, the terrain, the vegetation, the pathways, the life-force and its expression, and therefore, the vehicles of hope.

For in the landscape of life, the light always shines. For life is not existence alone, but an expression of force, intent, movement of consciousness, unfoldment of matter in synthesis with soul.

Thus, all life holds light, and in that light – whenever, however, wherever, you gaze in to it – the eyes of your consciousness see what is within and without; what is deeper, what is loving; what has meaning, what gives learning. You see beyond the now, and so you are not captured by the now. So vital, when in a time of transition as you are personally, societally, and as we all are, globally.

The new life force, holding the light that births the future, is all around and through us. For when we live, we are of that light.

But the present forms of body and mind, of society and culture, and of globalised forces born of these intentions of human consciousness, unfettered by the reality of planetary life-force and its needed expressions, can hinder our perceptions. So, look … it is there; and act, for it is needed.

Earth has a life-force that needs expression, and that expression also builds light in our world, such that we can feel and experience it, and live in greater hope. When we (humanity, as a conscious whole) seek to dominate Earth’s life-force and expression, two significant factors must be understood:  the life-force must find a new expression, for it cannot be contained, so this may cause outbursts, which may also be calamities. Secondly, we cause the living light to be hidden, veiled, covered over by the need to control; and hope is diminished from the easy experience it should be.

Earth gives hope, for hope is life’s expression itself, so it is here in our world. But we must enable it. At least we must not disable it by plastering over this great radiance with our collective fears and demands of nature.

Lose your fears of being part of an evolving world, and she will shower you with loving light. Cling to the forms of the past, full of their certainty (at a personality level) yet rigid and unyielding in their structure, and you perpetuate that which does not give true hope.

Hope does not come from words, when those words do not shower you with (true) loving light. Hope does not come from compassionate care, when the care does not hold truth from the heart, but forms in the shape of old ways and old hopes.

Hope does not come from loving thoughts, when the love is from self alone. For true, lasting, deep, life-changing hope, that not only lifts your gaze to the horizon of life’s blessings but that gives you the sustenance and courage to step forward on your journey of life, must be imbued with the living, loving force of Earth’s hope, expressed through her very being, and thus through your being, citizen of Earth.

So, here we are, in challenging times. Yet Earth has so much radiance within, to give to you, to uplift you and nourish you, for you to step forward in alignment with the greatest blessing: the journey of consciousness in concert with our beloved, living, nurturing Mother Earth.

Take your steps and you will know – for every soul knows, and every heart can hear its soul when a quiet moment is given.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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