Feature: The Evolution of Love

In these incredibly fast-changing times on Earth, the opportunity – and the need – to grow in consciousness is great. There is an increase in the presence of higher light and love from the greater hearts that hold our planet, the Earth herself is evolving, and there is a need for us, humanity, to respond.

We are the holders of love on our Earth, and right now, we need it more than ever. The old ways of doing things are failing, yet we need a shift in consciousness to fully grasp the new ways. This is the evolution of love. There is greater pressure to evolve consciousness, and greater love to help us do so.

These posts will give you further insight and food for thought about this path of evolution. We hope they inspire you to feel and to be one with greater love and consciousness.

be love Be Love, the Note of Evolution 23 February 2020 Love, in waves, from the pulse of my heart. Love… the cause, the reason for all life, the challenge to evolve, the push to change, the guide to follow, the challenger of the darkness. Darkness is only that yet to evolve. What is it to…  
heart Love and Evolution 1 February 2020 When you love with my love, you draw people to their souls. When you love with my heart’s embrace, you drag people to their soul’s light, they will never forget. When you hold people with the love of Mother Earth’s heart, you awaken their heart…  
deep rose heart Love is 31 January 2020 Love is the hardest energy to take in, to become. Why? This is not the energy of emotional love, the energy of caring and needing, of embracing and nurturing, of connecting and bonding. This is the energy, the force, of life itself. The very vibration…  
heart stream Love, the Earth and the Last Kumara 15 December 2019 Go deep,deep into my world,you who see me, Logos of Earth Nourish yourself in my fire.Fill yourself with my love.Heal yourself in my embrace. So deep, deep love. I am that love, the Kumara, the last. I hold Earth, I am Earth, until the great…
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