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Feature: Hope In Our Heart

What if there was a quality of hope that could uplift your spirits, no matter what was happening around you?

This unwavering hope exists in our heart consciousness, where it is anchored in the wholeness and wisdom of our being. It opens a doorway to our heart, because it is a quality of our soul’s love within us.

It gives us a higher perspective on our life and what is happening on Earth; and, through that vision, to find hope, give us joy, and bring us insight for our way forward.

Feeling this hope in our hearts and allowing it to energise the wholeness of our being is crucial to our finding peace, staying calm, coping and growing in this time of crisis.

The transmissions in this feature express the energy of this unwavering hope to nourish its presence within you, and to support your heart journey. They express hope’s relationship with love and to heart consciousness and soul, and give insights into its nature, its role in our lives and our connection with Earth.

Hope healing Love Gives Hope 25 March 2020 Hold my Earth in love; that is hope. Hold your fellow beings in love; that is hope. Love heals all, in soul. Pain – yes. Grief – yes. Hunger – yes. All sufferings are here in our world, but soul can lift the consciousness out…
sunset Lift Your Heart’s Gaze to Hope! 30 March 2020 When you deeply love the Earth, you become part of her being. You feel her joy and pain, but also her hope. For she has awakened a level of heart that enables hope to infuse her being, physically and emotionally. But hope, while such a…  
sunset Hope from Heart 26 March 2020 When you go into your heart, you go into another world. Then, how much do you live in that world, and how much in the outer physical world of your life on Earth? A life of sanctity takes you to the inner world, where you…  
heart flames Living, Sparkling Hope 19 March 2020 Hope is the touch of light into your heart, touched by angels – they are the givers of hope. Humanity needs to become the holder of hope for Earth life – for nature. Angels touch and hold nature, but cannot against a human force that…  
Hope waves The Rising Flame of Hope 9 April 2020 I rise, like the winds of change, a flame of love, a beacon of hope, a radiance of the heart – heart of Earth, therefore heart of all. I rise, and lift all with me who open and choose in heart, for I am that…
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