Hope healing

Hope Guided Healing

Revitalise in the living light of hope, to uplift and inspire your wellbeing and wholeness from deep within. Hope is the essential fire of consciousness that gives us the vision for the future, and positivity for every moment in our day.

Call of the Heart meditation download

This guided healing brings you deeply into the source of hope in your heart, increasing this quality in your every cell and throughout your consciousness, giving empowerment to move forward on life’s journey.

The golden light of hope is helpful in dealing with the challenges of life in our changing world.

How to Benefit from this Practice

Where: Find a place where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed so that your consciousness can take a journey to your deep place within.

Frequency: This practice exercises your consciousness, so please treat it just as you would a new physical exercise program – go slowly, with moderation and awareness, and gently build up your frequency and capacity over time. A daily meditation practice is good, but listen to your inner guidance and never force yourself. Balance is essential on a heart path.

Please meditate with care! It is essential that you do not listen to this meditation when you need to be very physically focussed, for example, when driving or doing any tasks that need your full attention. You will neither gain the benefit of the meditation, nor attend properly to the physical tasks.

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