Heart Flame Healing


This guided meditation can help you awaken your heart, and invite into your being the deep healing and balance that your heart and soul nourish. The meditation takes you into your heart, and into the three primary energy flames of life that radiate there.

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These heart flames are an expression of your soul’s presence in your heart, and they spark the life force that energises your existence:

  • gold, our inner source of hope and upliftment;
  • blue, our inner source of will, purpose and grounding; and
  • rose, our inner source of loving kindness expressed through our relationships to others, to ourselves, to our world, to our inner guides.

These are the three dimensions of the world we live in as human beings, and that enable us to fulfil our human existence: our connection upwards to the higher light, downwards to the Earth, and to others all around us.

By going deeply into each flame, sitting within each of their qualities within your heart, you invite their healing presence into your consciousness. This also helps balance each flame and its qualities within you.

It is not uncommon for one flame to be dominant and others to be smaller, all depending upon your personal attributes and journey. But we need a balance of all these primary qualities and energies to walk the path of heart.

How to Benefit from this Practice

Where: Find a place where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed so that your consciousness can take a journey to your deep place within.

Frequency: This practice exercises your consciousness, so we advise that you treat it just as you would a new physical exercise program – go slowly, with moderation and awareness, and gently build up your frequency and capacity over time. A daily meditation practice is good, but listen to your inner guidance and never force yourself. Balance is essential on a heart path.

Caution: It is essential that you do not listen to this meditation when you need to be very physically focussed, like when driving or doing any tasks that need your full attention. You will neither gain the benefit of the meditation, nor attend properly to the physical tasks.


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