Deep Healing


Many of us live with deep emotional wounds in our being, and with painful kinks in our relationships with others and with ourselves.  But a profound revolution in 21st century psychotherapy and neuroscience has shown how these painful patterns are formed early in life, and that these wounds can be healed, these kinks can be […]

Birthing Our Unconscious


To be fully alive, we must go through many births of consciousness in our life. Each birth, each expansion of consciousness, takes us into a new world. There we learn to navigate and to handle new challenges, using the new realisations we have gained. This is our path of growth upon this Earth. If we […]

Feature: Hope in Our Heart

Alice dry river

What if there was a quality of hope that could uplift your spirits, no matter what was happening around you? This unwavering hope exists in our heart consciousness, where it is anchored in the wholeness and wisdom of our being. It opens a doorway to our heart, because it is a quality of our soul’s […]

Feature: The Evolution of Love


In these incredibly fast-changing times on Earth, the opportunity – and the need – to grow in consciousness is great. There is an increase in the presence of higher light and love from the greater hearts that hold our planet, the Earth herself is evolving, and there is a need for us, humanity, to respond. […]

What Should I Do Now?

Alice desert river gorge

Sooner or later in life, each of us faces the question “What is my purpose . . . and what should I do about it?” Whether as a response to humanity’s current crises or as a very personal cry from the heart, the question comes in many forms. Finding your purpose, and living it, is […]

Do You Choose to Change?


We are in healing times simply because humanity is in a healing crisis!  As is always the case in a crisis, we can continue doing the same things and getting the same results – as Einstein’s definition of ‘insanity’ quips, or take the opportunity to change, to grow, to heal the dis-ease which is afflicting […]

The Evolution of Love

evolution of love

The Evolution of Love underlies the massive changes we are seeing in all aspects of life on Earth. Hard to believe? Crazy you say? What is it anyway? Let me explain. This inevitable development of our human consciousness into universal love has been known for thousands of years. It is well-founded in the ancient wisdom […]