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I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not asking the many why’s of our existence, of our being, of our purpose upon this planet. As a child, I must have perplexed my mother with my questions, as she ducked and weaved to provide answers or to change the subject. 

I found Buddhism to be my natural spiritual home through Lama Yeshe. Later I found my spiritual path of conscious development through my teacher Ananda, who more directly supported my innate active engagement with the world. Ananda taught me and trained me in so many ways in self-awareness, healing and knowledge.

My continuing spiritual studies and training underpinned my working life, which I had always followed in the social services, where I felt most able to express my values and drive to improve people’s lives. I worked in family welfare and community development (in the Northern Territory, Australia), in providing telecommunications to remote Aboriginal communities across Australia, in health, aged services and hospice (in Australia and in the USA, where I lived for 11 years) and in consulting in government program evaluation. I was always a builder of new services, legislation, policy or programs, looking to foster improvement and change where I found things not working as well as they could.

I look to share the benefits I have received from my ceaseless journey of enquiry.

While some of my answers might be useful to you, I believe that you have your own unique path in life that can be found deep within your heart.  It is that deep heart place that I wish to help you find – to dwell in and be nourished by.

Through my life, my purpose has focused down to sharing information and coaching people on a journey into heart, and onto a path of renewal. It is through this journey that I believe we can each find wholeness and our own true presence. To this work together, I welcome and value all parts of you, and support their integration into your life.

In my coaching I draw upon my own spiritual development, esoteric knowledge and ministerial training in healing, as well my traditional education in psychology, philosophy, social work, coaching and psychotherapy.

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