We are living in extraordinary times of great change, seen in the many crises unfolding around us: the corona virus, environmental catastrophes, economic and social disruption, war and refugees, and the personal suffering and stress of many people.

We believe that a significant contributor to, and impact of this great change is because humanity can’t keep living the same destructive way. We need to wake up. We need to change our consciousness. Life is changing on Earth and we are inextricably part of this evolutionary shift, and need to make different choices.

We believe the force driving this great change is the awakening heart, which requires us to become more conscious of the livingness and meaning in our whole world. It pressures all our hearts to open, so more love, hope and light can flow into all life; because we, humanity, are the co-creators of this evolution on Earth.

Through Call of the Heart, we hope to inspire and inform those who want to understand and work with this push for change, who are yearning to make our world a better place but are not sure how, and who wish to become conscious agents of positive transformation in the world. Heart consciousness is central to this journey, to our way of living in it, and of renewing ourselves and our relationship with all life on Earth.

Here you will find a vast library of new knowledge, together with insights and practices to help you take your journey of heart, expand your consciousness, and renew your life in the light and flow of heart. We hope to inspire and support you to deepen your heart consciousness, to increase your wisdom and sense of purpose, to help you give your service to the world, and to maintain your hope in the face of crises, suffering, and the inevitable resistance and barriers that come in times of change.

About Us

Ann & Brenton
Ann & Brenton

We have shared a deep and transformative path of personal and spiritual development since the early 80’s. We have followed the western esoteric tradition taught by our teacher, Ananda Tara Shan, in the wisdom lineage established publically by Helena Blavatsky in 1875, and followed by Alice Bailey from the 1920’s.

Ananda taught us to energise and evolve our understanding of this wisdom through our hearts, and that the compelling need of our times is to move from knowledge of the wisdom, to acting with conscious and heart-centred wisdom in service to the Earth and humanity, to consciously take our path and make a difference in this time of great change.

We are guided by the understanding that we are all part of an evolutionary process and plan, and that many Great Hearts (Masters) and beings of great consciousness guide and support us all on our diverse and purposeful journeys on our living Earth.

Since the late 90’s, we have run retreats, meditations and Earth healing, and have developed and taught courses on practical spiritual and related personal growth subjects in many countries. Call of the Heart is our way of expressing the wisdom given to us, and responding to the urgency and choice we face in the current time.

Our own journey has taken us through a diversity of worldly careers, and many periods of spiritual immersion. It has been deeply challenging at times, while always being a marvellous gift, expansive and uplifting of our consciousness. Although the grittiness of the journey cannot be denied – as that is what life offers – an active path of conscious change has meant that no spiritual bypassing was allowed, and the richness of the experience has been full!

Our heart journey and renewal work has given us both hope, and helps us to fulfil our own purpose, provide our service, and support others who wish to do the same.

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