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The Evolution of Love

evolution of love

The Evolution of Love underlies the massive changes we are seeing in all aspects of life on Earth. Hard to believe? Crazy you say? What is it anyway? Let me explain.

This inevitable development of our human consciousness into universal love has been known for thousands of years. It is well-founded in the ancient wisdom and in so many spiritual paths, cosmologies and religions. It is well-known by those looking philosophically and spiritually into our human purpose and path on Earth.

Rather than just stand outside this knowledge – like some barely believable old myth – we need to take it aboard our consciousness – and explore its incredible implications for humanity and for the Earth.  But here is the conundrum: we cannot know what is not in our consciousness, and we cannot understand what we do not know! So, where do we start? Let’s start with a little knowledge, before exploring the consciousness angle.

In many aspects of humanity’s life, thinking and consciousness, we are seeing the recognition of our unity with all life: that we humans are not separate rulers, owners, users of the Earth, its substance and all life on it – but that we are merely part of the whole.  In this way our consciousness is evolving to the broader realisation that has been at the core of many indigenous peoples’ consciousness for thousands of years.  In both the eastern and the western spiritual traditions, this knowledge, this consciousness, has been relegated to hidden, special teachings only for the few.

However, what those indigenous and occult teachings tell us is that our perception of the unity of being, of consciousness, is located in our heart.  Not the physical organ pumping blood and life through our body, but in the subtler levels of our being, through which we can fulfil our unique role on Earth – as conscious receivers and transmitters of love. For the energy of love is the keynote of our solar system, and is increasing in its flow into Earth, particularly through us, its unique transceivers on this planet. This is the nature of ‘the shift’ or ‘the great change’ or ‘the new age’ – call it what you will, but it is upon us now.

I am not referring to the personal love of the feelings, the body or the mind (see Love Is), which is such a preoccupation of much of humanity, but to a more impersonal and higher sense of unity, of oneness and of joy and connection with all life: a flow of cosmic, universal love to all life, all beings. It is all-embracing, connected, empathic and caring as it flows into and onto the planet through its higher carriers (viz, angels, more evolved souls, spirits and cosmic beings).

This flow requires us to experience it and to grow our consciousness, if we are to remain incarnating on Earth as it lifts in its vibration through this flow. It presents us each with a choice not faced in our many previous lives on Earth. It is a true turning point in the nature of all life on Earth.

It is important to note that humanity’s rapid development and focus of mind over the last (say) 400 years, in particular, was equally on our path of evolution. It is to be respected (and not distained) for the benefits it has given us through our creative efforts. But mind must now be given over to guidance from our higher selves, shining through our heart consciousness. That said, it is hard to dispute that we may have overshot the target of our mental growth in developing, threatening and using so many means for destroying ourselves and the Earth!

Although not completely new, this heart consciousness, this Evolution of Love (see Love and Evolution) is now seeking its fuller manifestation in Earth through us. It is replacing many old ways of being, feeling, thinking and believing; it is cracking and demolishing the institutions, philosophies, societies and behaviours we have created, which were based on a more limited and self-centred view of Earth and of each other. Look around: there is evidence of this destruction everywhere, in every aspect of our collective lives.

The pressure of this flow of the Evolution of Love is showing us the shortfalls of our treatment of all life forms, our unsustainable consumption of Earth’s ‘resources’, our poisoning of the planet with industrial and societal effluent, and our unbalanced and unequal focus on continuous economic growth. It is creating all the crises that humanity is facing and must resolve in order to survive.

The good news is that our aligning with the Evolution of Love provides us with the hope and resilience we need to weather the massive changes; and to develop and act upon our vision for a better Earth (see Anatomy of Love). It is the mother of resilience and, as our heart consciousness grows bigger and more inclusive, we gain a greater perspective and inclusivity in addressing our pressing life issues.

On a personal level, going through the doorway to our heart reveals to us our individual purpose which lies beyond.  Knowing and acting on that purpose gives meaning to our life, a calibrated scale to weigh our decisions, and a measure to assess our achievements. In our heart we can each find the unique service we are here to give to humanity and to Earth itself. 

Most importantly, opening to our heart consciousness of love gives us hope, for there we find the joy of life, of living on Earth in this consciousness. It is hope that provides us with the energy to go on, knowing in our heart that all is well and as it should be, despite the suffering we see around us and the pain we may experience in our own life.

So, what does all this mean? How do you relate to all this?  If you feel a resonance with what I am saying here – and your heart is responding, then you are on your way. Strengthen that resonance, clarify your purpose and remove the barriers you have to fulfilling your heart’s passion in this life. (see Start in Your Heart). Fill your life with greater joy, hope and resilience.

If you don’t quite feel it in your heart, then consider whether what I am saying speaks to you and decide if you want to open your heart to the Evolution of Love.  Deciding to do so with your personal intent will unlock the door and lead you to ways of strengthening your heart consciousness and open your knowing of this bigger picture of our life on Earth. Make the decision and look for keys in your life.

If you believe, on balance, that what I am saying is hooey, then I suggest you look at the world around you, at the suffering of humanity and animals, at the destruction, greed and glamor, and ask if this is the right journey for humanity and for you to take: is it okay with your conscience? If not, go back to the previous paragraphs and take action, or, if it is, accept that you will incarnate somewhere else in your next or in a few lifetimes, and that it will be a step backwards to repeat the lessons you have not learned in your lives on Earth so far.

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