Earth Healing with Maitreya


In this guided meditation we work with the loving heart of Maitreya, a Greater Heart deeply united with the heart of Earth, and focussed on helping the evolution of heart consciousness in all.

Healing the Earth is so very needed at this time.

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In Earth Healing, we counter the energy of discord and resistance to change by consciously sending healing to both disrupt the energies of harmfulness, and increase the energies of positive change, so that we can help the Earth and all life move forward.

Our beautiful Earth is a living consciousness that holds us all in her embrace. In this time of great change, we are both part of the change, and need to help co-create the change. This is our journey of consciousness, and our service on the path.

How to Benefit from this Practice

Where: Find a place where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed so that your consciousness can take a journey to your deep place within.

Frequency: This practice exercises your consciousness, so we advise that you treat it just as you would a new physical exercise program – go slowly, with moderation and awareness, and gently build up your frequency and capacity over time. A daily meditation practice is good, but listen to your inner guidance and never force yourself. Balance is essential on a heart path.

Caution: It is essential that you do not listen to this meditation when you need to be very physically focussed, like when driving or doing any tasks that need your full attention. You will neither gain the benefit of the meditation, nor attend properly to the physical tasks.


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